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September 5, 2023

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In 2020, we announced RLS migration to Real Estate Standard Organization (RESO) Web API. We completed half the migration in 2021 when we migrated to RESO Search which is the way the technology providers who serve our participants pull the RLS data. The RLS was one of the first in the nation to provide only RESO Search and was awarded by Real Estate Standard Organization with Leading Edge Award for Leading the Web API Adoption in the RESO Spring Conference 2022. RLS is now looking to complete the migration by moving to RESO Update which is the way the listings are entered into the system and what is commonly referred to add/edit by the industry. With the completion of this migration the RLS will deprecate the legacy RETS data transport. By migrating fully to RESO, RLS can continue to innovate and enhance the listing data and implement various technological advancements to better serve our members. The RLS team have been working closely with each Listing Management Provider in this migration process with the goal of the completion date of Thursday, October 31, 2023

After years of stagnant data requirements, the RLS Board of Directors made the decision to revisit and make changes to grow the data quality while making it still pertinent to NYC. The RLS Data Requirements Working Group was created in May 2022 and dissected every current available field in RETS as well as RESO data dictionary. A lot of the changes were contribution from our members who submitted their feedback to RLS Team. Over 1K data fields were examined and discussed. After several iterations we are finally able to make this into fruition, starting Thursday, October 26th , you should start seeing changes to the requirements in your Listing Management Provider platform.  

Why is it important to migrate to RESO? 

Sam DeBord, CEO of Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO), recently published an article that explains it perfectly, you can read it here: A Wave of International Proptech Companies Changed Their Rules. Here’s Why

What are the exact changes?

The details are linked here: LMP RESO Data Attributes Change. However, because each user interface is different per Listing Management Platform, please reach out to your Listing Management Provider (LMP) in order to see how this impacts you. However we have highlighted a few major changes listed here: RLS RESO Upcoming Changes Highlights.

Here is the list of List Management Providers:  Current Listing Management Providers

How does this affect your data for those that have data connection with the RLS including but not limited to IDX/VOW?

Depending on the requirement changes, you may start seeing more data! That is right because we have added more available attributes/fields, there will be options for agents to submit that data as part of their listings. 

What if I want to submit feedback and make certain data required or add fields that are not available now in RLS?

We want to continue to enhance the RLS data quality, if you would like to submit for a change, please submit your feedback to RLSSupport@REBNY.com The RLS team will review the submissions and have it reviewed by the Data Requirements Working Group then have it approved by the RLS Board of Directors. 

If you have any questions, please contact RLSSupport@rebny.com.

Thank you,
RLS Team