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RLS: Tips on How to Stay in Compliance


April 2, 2024

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  1. Expiration Date: Change the status of the listing to Expired when the listing has passed the Expiration Date or update the Expiration Date (if the listing agreement has been renewed)

  2. Missing Listing: Ensure the listing has been successfully submitted to the RLS by going to https://www.citysnap.com/ and searching for your listing.

    • Per UCBA, you are required to enter the exclusive listing to the RLS: a) simultaneously with any public dissemination of such Exclusive Listing; or b) simultaneously with any showing of the Exclusive Listing to any Buyer, whichever is earlier.

  3. Personal Information: Verify your listings do not have your name, phone number, email address in any of the descriptions and media

    • Per UCBA, No personal information, such as the Exclusive Agent’s name, the Exclusive Agent’s contact information or other personal information including URL links to such information can be included in any property description, floorplans, photographs and/or comments for an Exclusive Listing transmitted over the RLS.

  4. Term “No Fee”, shall not be included in any property description. Broker fees must appear only in the mandatory fields set forth for such information.

  5. Incorrect Status: Ensure that your listings are up to date with the correct status. Any change in status shall be entered into the RLS by the earlier of: 1) simultaneous with any change made over any public website or portal (including, but not limited to, any RBD Member’s website); or 2) within twenty-four (24) hours (not including weekends and postal holidays) after the authorized change is received by the Exclusive Agent.