Certified Negotiation Expert

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CNE 1 - Core Concepts

This three-day course is for real estate professionals who wish to obtain CNE certification. Participants must attend both days of the two-day course to earn their CNE designation and 15 hours of NYS continuing education credit. After completing CNE – Core Concepts (formerly titled CNE-1) the CNE Designation is awarded. After completing BOTH CNE segments (CNE-CC and CNE-AC) the MCNE Designation is awarded.

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Please note that the Designation courses are not part of the $99/$190 deal and CNE – Core Concepts is required as a PRE-REQUISITE to CNE – Advanced Concepts.

The Real Estate Negotiation Institute (RENI) was founded by Tom Hayman, Harvard and Wharton trained, with 40 years of experience as a professional negotiator. The CNE-CC and CNE-AC courses are taught by RENI National Instructor, Eirik Davey-Gislason, who brings a wealth of real estate knowledge and practical experience to agents in this exciting and essential negotiation and business-building course, especially residential brokers. The Certification is facilitated by REBNY but conferred by Real Estate Negotiation Institute.

Students learn how to apply the following skills to immediate real estate applications:

  • Getting the best outcome through competitive hard-bargaining and collaborative negotiating

  • Using proven ethical negotiation techniques to be a more effective negotiator

  • Understanding the methodology of buying to better assist buyers and sellers

  • Making a negotiation plan for success that gives your clients confidence in your ability


  • CNE certification awarded on Day Two (immediate marketing benefit)

  • Hundreds of online negotiation solutions in RENI Advantage Program (no extra charge)


REBNY Member: $299 for two-day CNE – Core Concepts Course

REBNY Non-member: $329 for two-day CNE – Core Concepts Course

CNE – Advanced Concepts (CNE-AC) ADVANCED NEGOTIATION TECHNIQUES, VALUE PROPOSITION, EMAIL, GENERATIONAL AND CULTURAL FACTORS (2 DAYS)Completion of the 2-day Certified Negotiation Expert Advanced Concepts Designation Course (CNE-AC) earns you the Certified Negotiation Expert (MCNE) designation and 15 hours of NYS continuing education credit. Please note, this new CNE-AC course replaces and combines the courses formerly known as CNE-2 and CNE-3. In addition, Certified Negotiation Expert Designation Course (CNE-Core Concepts) is now a pre-requisite for the Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE-AC) seminar.

Eirik believes the Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE-CC and CNE-AC) seminars offer real estate professionals of all experience levels a master key to unlock the door to success and longevity in the real estate industry. Whether you are representing a buyer, seller, renter or landlord, your client values your ability to negotiate on their behalf higher than any other service you offer. 

After completing our CNE Advanced Concepts training, graduates say:

  • They can better represent clients (and themselves

  • They feel more confident and capable

  • They have a much greater appreciation of the importance of negotiation skills

67% of our CNE graduates say our training has a SIGNIFICANT impact on their business.  Graduates also give RENI a Trust rating of 4.7 out of 5.0! The Certification is facilitated by REBNY but conferred by Real Estate Negotiation Institute.

Learn how to apply the following skills to immediate real estate applications:



Advanced Negotiation Techniques for Listing and Buyer’s Agents



Expanding and Defending Your Value Proposition


Email Negotiation

Mastering Email Negotiations in Real Estate Negotiations



Mastering Generational/Cultural Factors in Real Estate Negotiations



Earn MCNE Designation After Course Completion

REFUND POLICY: A cancellation must be received in writing at least five days before the start of the course. A $100 service fee will apply, and the cost of any distributed books will be deducted. NO REFUND will be given once the course starts, however, a student may transfer to a subsequent semester within one year. REBNY reserves the right to cancel the course if a minimum enrollment of 10 is not met, in which case a full refund would be provided.